A gift for my founding father.

My Dad is a very patriotic guy, so this Father’s Day I made this image to show my founding father how great I think he is.

Father's Day 2018
My Founding Father by Brainpod 2018

My picture was in a matted 4″x 6″ picture frame with 3 other pictures around it so at first he didn’t notice and thought I just gave him a picture of our founding fathers, whom he is a big fan. Smiling, he passed it to my mother who noticed what I had made, chuckled, and handed the frame back and instructed him to take a closer look. He did and saw he was now immortalized with those wig wearing founders and a good hearty belly laugh followed until he had watery eyes and demanded another hug for the thoughtful artwork.

It sure feels good to use a skill like graphic design to make someone happy. 🙂

I love you Dad! @tarian

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. (Belated)

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