Hello Brain.

Hello there Brain, what’s is the deal?

Is it time for a snack or a full on meal?

Play a game of dominoes, darts, or cards?

Watch a video or go stare at the stars?

Or is it time to sit back, relax, and unwind?

Comfort and rest this this tired, wrecked and weary mind?

No, no, no, you can’t do that at this particular time!


There’s something you’re telling me brain, I hear you, there’s no need to shout.

Regardless I’m poking you, and prodding you, and pushing you out!

You’re mocking and demeaning me while laughing from back in that dark corner.

Gleaming with joy while watching the process begin to again smother another.

I can fight you this time and shut you down, say you’re wrong.

Or we can work it out, be tight as one, and keep writing out this song.

Brain, don’t deceive me, we’ve known each other a long time.

What ever happened to just being kind?


Lets just sit here in silence, brain, and feel this wind, hear the sounds.

Remembering this beautiful light and life pulsing all around.

The over abundance of love contained here within your gray tissue,

Keeps bringing to surface this comfortable, yet frightening issue.

If unconditional love creates a great divide,

and afraid we are to open up freely and accept what our souls express out loud,

that love is the lesson and the answer, so embrace and accept it we must,

and trust the path we’ve already laid out for us… before us, by us,

It would be foolish to deny this loving light and fearfully hide.


What’s the point then, brain, why be so full of something so destructive?

Even when applied with good intent to be positive and constructive.

To help another learn her lesson,

We must lessen use of this bright, blinding, destructive power.

You’re too full of a forbidden desire, Brain, like picking a rare flower.


Healing will hurt this one before remedy,

Like a barbed wire cocoon for a mind full of strife.

Who puts on hold dreams of accepting the idea of love in this life.

Soon that will be seen to have been fearfully wrong,

because the capacity for love has been there all along.


Relax now, my brain,

things will work out as they should, as planned out right from the start.

I know now you’ll break down, stress up and out,

In all directions rip apart, now,

Wondering the what’s, the why’s, the when’s, and the how’s,

Do me a favor now, brain, as I feel very cold,

Before you get to the analysis and truth to be told.

Send some of that love back inside,

and revive this shocked and distressed heart.


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