Neverwinter Nights Resurrected!!!

Oh wow… what a welcome manifestation! I LOVE THIS GAME!

Neverwinter Nights (NWN), released June 18th 2002 by publisher Atari and developer BioWare, was in my opinion not only the last great rendition of D&D rules (v3.5) but also the last great video game to truly capture what Dungeons & Dragons was all about, adventures!

NWN was amazing to me for the powerful and easy to use Aurora Toolset, which allowed me to make any setting and story I could imagine, and the Dungeon Master Client in which I could direct adventurers to their doom or glory from behind the scenes in real-time. No other game has ever captured the flexibility that this game shipped with and over the years it grew and grew with endless amounts of content for people to play and use in their own adventures. Persistent Online Worlds created by the players themselves popped up everywhere and I was involved with a good one for years, creating many great areas and quests for players to venture forth unto. It truly was a glorious time to be a gamer and D&D nerd.

I spent hours and hours crafting very detailed areas full of characters, quest, monsters, and items for the players to explore. It was a great time until GameSpy, the main matchmaking service for the game, died and with it so did a lot of the NWN community. Neverwinter Nights 2 came out but was lackluster compared to the polished brilliance of a package that the first game was. Years passed as we watched game after game fly by in hopes there would be a true great sequel, but to no avail.

Finally in March of 2018 some original developers of NWN brought the original amazing game back to us but with modern HD visual upgrades and proper matchmaking through Steam. What an amazing thing to see happen! We all wanted it, everyone wished to be able to play this game again… and apparently the original developers felt the same. So here it is out in the gaming world again, for use to create and play endless words and stories once again!

This game has taken the majority of my game time and I am currently an active Dungeon Master on a wonderful server and merging my world with another persistent world along with a team of great people. You can head on over to my Allhaven Adventures section to learn more about the world I created and what is happening with it now as it merges into another world to become a whole new place to play.

Let’s all give epic thanks to Beamdog for bringing this gem of a game back to life. Thank you!

Bravo good Sirs, bravo!


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