Wohlfahrt’s PSA

My channel was hijacked for a very special public service announcement. Please Like, Subscribe, & Comment if you like my content and would like to see more. Thank you all!  #steemit #wohlfahrt #publicserviceannoucement #brainpod www.BrainpodCreative.com Find me on Steemit: @brainpod ————————————— End Transmission

The Forest Part 2 – “They call me BIRD SMASHER!”

Brainpod Transmissions #5 – The Forest Part 2 ————————————— In this episode, Kyle and I have established our base of operations and scout further out into the forest. We find a creepy cave that pays out well and after barely surviving an encounter with cannibals, I continue to have issues with luggage! This one is for the birds! Please Like, … Continue Transmission

Happy Birthday America! Manifest the best!

A very happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans! Let’s all stop with the silly infighting and slander of the president and opposing parties, other people’s sexual preferences, race, gender, religions, etc, and put all these stupid differences aside and remember that we are supposed to be one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. … Continue Transmission