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So I took a little time away from editing videos after my birthday recently and instead focused on doing some streams. There is some fun and funny footage here but I’m not going to give each a synopsis so please have a look yourself if you wish. All streams were done at DLive and I broke them down by game. I’ve really been enjoying GTA Online. 🙂

GTA Online Streams: This is hands down the most fun I’ve been having doing any streaming. The world of GTA 5 is so well crafted it truly feels more like a modern day city simulation, with the possibility of mayhem! Lot’s of fun times in Los Santos.

Stream #1: https://dlive.io/video/brainpod/ce6ab73b-8e3d-11e8-afb5-0242ac110003

Stream #2: https://dlive.io/video/brainpod/b1858a11-8ecb-11e8-b4e3-0242ac110003

Stream #3: https://dlive.io/video/brainpod/e08857ad-8eef-11e8-b365-0242ac110003

Stream #4: https://dlive.io/video/brainpod/26ddb230-9072-11e8-8cd4-0242ac110003

Stream #5: https://dlive.io/video/brainpod/bcc5f878-909a-11e8-8cd4-0242ac110003

Stream #6: https://dlive.io/video/brainpod/4f98a5f8-929e-11e8-b890-0242ac110003


No Man’s Sky Streams: No Man’s Sky has been updated with the NEXT update and I gotta say I am very impressed with the latest free patches and updates. This is finally the game they sold us on all those years ago. No Man’s Sky will probably stay on the playlist now.

Stream #1: https://dlive.io/video/brainpod/40a4b06f-87b3-11e8-b959-0242ac110003

Stream #2: https://dlive.io/video/brainpod/c1cae8ed-8f74-11e8-afb5-0242ac110003

Stream #3: https://dlive.io/video/brainpod/d7abae91-8fab-11e8-afb5-0242ac110003


Stranded Deep Streams: If you saw the original videos I made for this game you’ll know it’s just me surviving on Pacific islands. It’s a relaxing adventure and will be continued as well.

Stream #1: https://dlive.io/video/brainpod/a33234ef-892a-11e8-afd6-0242ac110003


I am going to continue playing these games as well as some other online competitive games such as Rainbow Six Siege and PubG. If there is anything in particular you would like to see me play, let me know in the comments.

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