Brainpod Transmissions #7 – Cruise & Chat vLog

In this vlog episode I am taking some lunch to my girl and discuss some various things while driving. Luckily my eyes have adjusted well to my new glasses and I see the road just fine!

I touch on the Alex Jones censorship issue, give a little more information about myself, show off an animation I made back in 1994 with classic animation techniques on a light board called “Vampire’s Night Out”, and give an update on my quitting smoking progress.

Excuse my language this episode, I got some rage on the roads because SoCal drivers are jerks and I have no more patience for them!

I finally arrive at my destination, ditch the leftover pizza, and have some delicious lunch with my lady at MOD Pizza, which has a great cheesy selection.

I also discuss how many genders there are, my past car accident and the “new” car I am driving, why beards are awesome and make for a wise manly man, and what to expect from some future Brainpod episodes.

Finally, I end with a lapel microphone test and a complaint of phone cases.

This is a bit longer of a vLog video but I had a lot to say I suppose! :-p

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