Question the Narrative: Part 1

“I cannot stay quiet any longer. Our country has been under attack in so many subvert and ruthless ways and not enough of the general public seems to notice. People have lost their ways and just to cope with our current reality one must endlessly consume drugs & alcohol, poison-filled unhealthy processed foods, mind-numbingly dumbed down brain morphing television programming, and remain asleep and ignorant thanks to this system the elite have forced upon us. This is what they have created for us. This is our prison. I feel it is my duty to start talking about it because I have a unique perspective and many years of intense research to share with you. Many things I speak of here may not be a surprise to you but I am willing to bet the majority of it, you will be surprised about.

I first must tell you a bit about myself and why I know any of this in the first place. I am very curious by nature and love to learn and have alway been interested in the arts, sciences, religions, occult knowledge, steam punk, high fantasy, science fiction our world history, and myths and legends. I’m a tech savvy nerd so when the Internet was thrust upon my household in 1993, I took right to it. I was on BBS boards and in the deepest channels I could find of the Internet right away looking for any knowledge of anything beyond the norms. The occult information and knowledge of our past and possible futures was my target. I dug and dug and eventually churned up to some cruel truths that if I had not found at that time would have ensured I stay asleep for many, many years to come… but I saw the truth.

The web that has been woven across the globe is so much deeper and intertwined than most anyone can even begin to realize. The players of this worldwide domination game have been doing this for a all of human history and we are nothing but pawns in their grand game of chess between royal families. In this series I intend to show you some strangeness that has led me down a deep rabbit hole that hasn’t hit ground for over 20 years. New events in life and new undisclosed hidden history from world governments have opened up some new larger than life questions about our past and the story we’ve been told this far. One thing led to another which led to another and so on and so forth. I want to present as much of this information as I can to you so you can make up your own minds.

I do not ask you to believe what I tell you, only that you dig deeper and research any of these subjects that interest you on your own and formulate your own opinions. We all have the capacity to learn and we’ve been indoctrinated into a system since birth that we must now break free from. Leonardo da Vinci had said, “There are those who can see, those who when shown can see, and those who cannot see.” I intend to shine a light on hidden information to get your gray matter pulsing with some critical thinking. To get your eyes open to see. I want you to join me in the Brainpod, a critical thinking gray space, and Question the Narrative.”

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“A Critical Thinking Gray Space.”

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