How to join the QAnon Digital Army of Keyboard Warriors for Truth.

Question the Narrative: Part 2 – How to join the QAnon Digital Army of Keyboard Warriors for Truth


  • I know nothing for certain when it comes to all this madness we are uncovering for the world. I’m just a critically thinking and creative guy seeking the truth and Brainpod is my little corner of the web. An outlet for my thoughts, dreams, creations, and opinions.
  • When I dive into one of these rabbit holes and do my diligent research, all routes seem lead to uncomfortable truths. I do my best to meticulously connect the dots and always try to keep my mind open but as the information sprawls before me my imagination never fails to fill in the blanks. As the picture gets uglier and uglier and I’ll brush it off as an overactive imagination but soon find facts and truth to support the wild thoughts. Past information seems to slide right in and fill the spaces.
  • This is all by design and Q is the catalyst for changing the status quo.
  • Simulation theory is most logical for what this existence could be. Reality itself seems to has become a movie we are starring in and watching all at once, but…
  • I’ve felt and seen much more evidence of God. It’s all become so very clear, this truly is the Great Awakening!

What is the Q movement?

  • Allegedly conceived by The hacking group Cicada 3301, the Q riddle was originally intended as a L.A.R.P. (live action role play) to get people to think critically about World we share and all the things that don’t seem to add up. Why is humanity not moving forward? The world needed a nudge to wake up.
  • This person(s), originally posting to 4chan and then on 8chan forums, claimed to have Q clearance (Highest clearance obtainable) and started asking questions for the world to answer.
  • This woke the digital army and they started following the breadcrumbs left by this mysterious Q anon. They were tasked to dissect and understand the deception of our controllers by means of cryptic clues. Many proofs that have been shown to answer the many questions Q has submitted to the Anons.
  • This L.A.R.P. ceased to be such when many of these proofs seemed to coincide with Trump tweets. Time signatures and cryptic messages, remember Covfefe, started to make sense as anons connect the dots and proofs were furnished beyond coincidence. The accuracy of the things Q would say is mathematically sound. No coincidences.
  • Q is apparently a military operation and disclosure mission being led by American Military Intelligence to clean house of evil elements ruining the American way of life. By communicating anonymously with the public about sensitive subjects through the 8chan boards, we can all do our part without compromising national security or ongoing operations.


  • Get the Brave Browser and TOR Browsers installed. (Brave is all that is needed for most part as it removes a lot of bloat that slows you down on the Internet and doesn’t track you or leave cookies on your system. TOR is for deep digging and privacy on the Dark Web.)
  • Ensure you have a VPN and a good Anti-Virus program. (PrivateInternetAccess & BitDefender are my preferences)
  • Grab a new email at ProtonMail or another privacy-centric email or make your own server if you own a domain name, though that may be a tutorial for another day.
  • Get on the new social media platforms that promote privacy and free speech so you are exposed to all sides of everything. No Group think. We must be open to ALL information and able to think critically. There are many cool new networks and I have accounts on most. You can check my social media page for links to each. My personal favorites are Minds, Steemit, MeWe, & Gab. I am still on Twitter and Facebook in order to stay informed of what the rest of the world is doing but for the most part these new social networks are far more informative, interesting, and the lack the censorship. What an amazing breath of fresh air!
  • Check out Blockchain storage apps like LBRY and Pocketnet. These applications are a true way to store your data on the blockchain and ensure it stays uncensored for all to see.
  • Get familiar with the website. This site aggregates all the posts Q makes on the 8chan boards and puts it nicely into one website for you to browse, complete with links and images. There is also a great app for the phone to notify of new posts.
  • Have a Twitter account and follow President Trump. His account and the Q posts are the REAL NEWS. Get informed!
  • The Q MEGA Meme Folder is your friend. Many rabbit holes start from a meme that breaks your brain a little bit.
  • If you ever really want to go anonymous consider running a T.A.I.L.S. system and surfing there. That is another article for another time.
  • Seek FACTS only. It is easy to fall down the rabbit hole and start to believe all sorts of mad ideas. Some may have credibility but until I see a reptilian with my own two eyes I am going to have some reservation about that one and quite a few others. Cross reference everything!
  • You have to be a true Patriot or the QArmy WILL kick you out. How? You will be branded a shill, troll, or hater, and no one will see any of your garbage because you’ll be blocked. These new networks are curated by the people and it’s really easy to not see what you don’t want to see.
  • Know that this is a spiritual war, Good and Evil exist in this world in forms unseen to the eye. They Live! Put on the Glasses of True Sight!
  • For those who can see, keep planting seeds of truth for the others and help them open their eyes. The ones who cannot see are lost. There are no sides or parties, just humanity in a spiritual battle of good & evil.
  • Q and the Anons have been talking of things over a year ago that have just come to pass. This is all very real. Be kind to each other. When we work together we will accomplish more. Everyone works better when treated well. We are all in this together, never forget that.
  • We the People are the news now. With great power comes great responsibility. Act accordingly.

That is pretty much all it takes to join up and do your part! Shills, trolls, and haters will be dealt with swiftly so don’t even waste your time. Spend that time instead productively seeking the truth and sharing those findings with the rest of us. We are all one organism called humanity and our collective consciousness has manifested a strong leader for the free world in President Trump and a way for each and every one of us to partake in the Great Awakening of humanity through the Q movement. It’s happening now! Get out there and start interacting with your fellow patriots with nothing but love for one another, our Nations, and the World as a whole.

“Where We Go One, We Go All. Patriot’s must awaken and protect our Republic of these united States of America!”

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God bless,

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“A Critical Thinking Gray Space.”
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