Are you biased? Do you hold on to beliefs you were taught and fail to question the World around you? Can you project outside yourself and see the grand design?

The cranium cracking transmissions contained in the ORIT-B CODEX are truly deep dig worthy. They do a great job sparking a fact finding mission the inner-sleuth all truthers have cannot avoid. I liked this transmission from Codex 3 so much I devoted making the entire video of it, as it relates to breaking the bias’ we all have and logically thinking. 

This video holds the ‘most heavily edited video I’ve ever done in my life’ title now. I go all locomotive on these videos when I get into it and it doesn’t help that I’m a detail-oriented, O.C.D.-riddled, snobbily high standard having perfectionist!

There’s a lot going on in this one and headphones are highly recommended! Enjoy.

Logic and refinement is the path to better things.

Think critically. Break the spell. Unlock your mind.

Music Video Version: Here

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Writings are from Deep State Mapping Project ORIT-B CODEX #3

“A Critical Thinking Gray Space.”


————————- End Transmission


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