Communism Stinks!

Well here we are, caught in the middle of a Communist Coup looking to take over our great land by recruiting the dregs of society to be their useful idiots.

Take over US cities?

It’s totally not going to happen but [they] will try anyways.

It’s so tiring to see these people manipulated to such a degree that civilization itself starts to break down but that’s what happens when the commies attack!

[They] will do their best to erase our history by toppling statues & indoctrinating our youth with violent ideology but there are many more patriots continually awakening to take on this horde.

Evil can only destroy, not create, so stand back, grab some popcorn, and let them destroy themselves.

If these dangerous ANTIFA & BLM domestic terrorists threaten you, don’t be afraid to step on that gas or pull that trigger.

All bets are off now.

These people are stupid.

Stay smart, stay safe.

God bless you Patriots, long live the Republic.

#CommunismStinks #DarkToLight

“A Critical Thinking Gray Space.”
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