Food for the soul! I’ve been a drummer for 28 years and have to tell you that making and playing music is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s amazing how music can fulfill you.

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  • Music – Medieval Cowboy

    Music – Medieval Cowboy

    This track is an epic “knight on a horse with a cowboy hat” track I made the other weekend and will be used in a video soon, I just wanted to get it out there for you all to hear …Read More »
  • Music – Can you see the birds?

    Music – Can you see the birds?

    I wanted to make these music tracks I am making for my videos to be available to others whom wish to use them in their own videos. This track is the them for my Question the Narrative videos. Enjoy! Please …Read More »
  • Can you see the birds?

    Can you see the birds?

    I spent some time making music this week. This may be the new Question the Narrative song. Hope you like it! Can you see the Birds? The Great Awakening is here. Freedom Intensifies Wake Up Patriots! “Those who would give …Read More »
  • Brainpod Intro Theme

    Brainpod Intro Theme

    I am proud to introduce to you Brainpod’s Intro Theme! I made this theme song on my computer and had a lot of fun doing it! I wanted something techie and space-y with a fun vibe and I think I …Read More »