• Now it’s getting good – #OBAMAGATE

    Now it’s getting good – #OBAMAGATE

    We anons saw this coming years ago and it’s about time! The flood has arrived and it seems the first big name, the one that will be heard around the World, has been heard. Thought I’d make a quick video ... Read TransmissionNow it’s getting good – #OBAMAGATEContinue Transmission
  • Biden Marketing Campaign backfires gloriously!

    Biden Marketing Campaign backfires gloriously!

    The brilliant team behind Joe Biden's campaign for the Presidency decided it would be a good idea to create a meme machine for supporters to create their own memes backing the sleepy guy. As you can imagine, this was a ... Read TransmissionBiden Marketing Campaign backfires gloriously!Continue Transmission
  • Nukes… not Earthquakes – China Lake

    Nukes… not Earthquakes – China Lake

    Remember when those Earthquakes hit Ridgecrest, California in July last year? When I felt these quakes my ‘conspiracy nut’ alarms went off like crazy. Something was off about them, so I hit up the net and noticed immediately that the ... Read TransmissionNukes… not Earthquakes – China LakeContinue Transmission
  • Hell in the Earth – No Rules Underground

    Hell in the Earth – No Rules Underground

    InTheMatrixxx & Shady were discussing the Underground Silent War and this part stuck out. I wanted to share it with everyone along with some images to get you thinking about what is going on directly below you. It is Hell ... Read TransmissionHell in the Earth – No Rules UndergroundContinue Transmission
  • Exploring the ORIT-B CODEX

    Exploring the ORIT-B CODEX

    I was so intrigued by the information contained within this codex that I decided to make this video series and make music for each episode to showcase these amazing thoughts. I released one episode at a time and now the ... Read TransmissionExploring the ORIT-B CODEXContinue Transmission
  • Synapse Slide (Music Video)

    Synapse Slide (Music Video)

    For the finale of the series I wanted to make a music track that would incorporate all the elements from the previous songs and ramp up the energy as we close out this journey down the rabbit hole. This is ... Read TransmissionSynapse Slide (Music Video)Continue Transmission

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