• Booms in Beirut

    Booms in Beirut

    There was an extremely large explosion in Beirut, Lebanon & I wanted to document the event so I made this compilation of the footage I found. I believe this is a strike on what is a large weapons & human ... Read TransmissionBooms in BeirutContinue Transmission


    A friend on Fascistbook was being fearful & stuck in the mask narrative. I wrote this out this reply & decided to share it here. A. I have a brain and can think for myself beyond propaganda. It’s called having ... Read TransmissionPLEASE DE-PROGRAM YOURSELF!Continue Transmission
  • Digital Soldiers, We Are The News Now.

    Digital Soldiers, We Are The News Now.

    The lamestream fake news media has gone the way of the dinosaur & is now extinct. This digital information war has proved to us that those who used to tell us the news are nothing but liars and the responsibility ... Read TransmissionDigital Soldiers, We Are The News Now.Continue Transmission
  • Don’t be a sheep.

    Don’t be a sheep.

    Are you an American?Why are you still wearing a mask?Remember the old saying, “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you”?Why do you allow a tyrannical governor, who is only in power due to fraud & nepotism, tell you how ... Read TransmissionDon’t be a sheep.Continue Transmission
  • Communism Stinks!

    Communism Stinks!

    Well here we are, caught in the middle of a Communist Coup looking to take over our great land by recruiting the dregs of society to be their useful idiots. Take over US cities? It’s totally not going to happen ... Read TransmissionCommunism Stinks!Continue Transmission
  • Now it’s getting good – #OBAMAGATE

    Now it’s getting good – #OBAMAGATE

    We anons saw this coming years ago and it’s about time! The flood has arrived and it seems the first big name, the one that will be heard around the World, has been heard. Thought I’d make a quick video ... Read TransmissionNow it’s getting good – #OBAMAGATEContinue Transmission

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