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  • “They look like us now?!”

    “They look like us now?!”

    Infiltration instead of invasion. The survival of humanity is at stake. -Brainpod ------------- End Transmission.Read More »
  • Brainpod Live – Illuminati New World Order Cards

    Brainpod Live – Illuminati New World Order Cards

    Finally got streaming tonight. No real prep for what could be a ‘show’, just hanging out looking at a bunch of Illuminati New World Order cards from the 1995 Steve Jackson game. It’s crazy how many of these cards represent …Read More »
  • Brainfood Cookbook – Purple Turkey Chili

    Brainfood Cookbook – Purple Turkey Chili

    I spend a bunch of time in cyberspace stirring the pot… so I decided to take a break from that to get in the kitchen & stir an actual pot.I’m not the greatest in the kitchen but I do enjoy …Read More »
  • New Year, New Adventures!

    New Year, New Adventures!

    Join me this coming year as we head out into the universe for some new adventures!Here’s to a prosperous, healthy, wealthy, & free World in 2021.Let’s have 2021 be full of happiness, health, wealth, & freedom for the World! Happy …Read More »
  • No More Snakes!

    No More Snakes!

    “You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in…” Never again. It’s fun making Memes.-Brainpod————— End Transmission —————Read More »
  • Happy Thanksgiving Patriots!

    Happy Thanksgiving Patriots!

    Just wanted to wish all the brave, freedom-loving, American patriots who are fighting this war, digitally & physically to save our great Republic, a very Happy Thanksgiving & THANK YOU! Relax, Feast, be with family & friends, & remember what …Read More »
  • Status: Peak Clown World

    Status: Peak Clown World

    All these people celebrating are happy that a career criminal politician with 47 years of global big authoritarian government experience, no accomplishments, who enjoys inappropriately touching other people’s children in public, has a criminal money-laundering crackhead son, is completely bought-and-paid-for …Read More »
  • Booms in Beirut

    Booms in Beirut

    There was an extremely large explosion in Beirut, Lebanon & I wanted to document the event so I made this compilation of the footage I found. I believe this is a strike on what is a large weapons & human …Read More »


    A friend on Fascistbook was being fearful & stuck in the mask narrative. I wrote this out this reply & decided to share it here. A. I have a brain and can think for myself beyond propaganda. It’s called having …Read More »
  • Digital Soldiers, We Are The News Now.

    Digital Soldiers, We Are The News Now.

    The lamestream fake news media has gone the way of the dinosaur & is now extinct. This digital information war has proved to us that those who used to tell us the news are nothing but liars and the responsibility …Read More »
  • Don’t be a sheep.

    Don’t be a sheep.

    Are you an American?Why are you still wearing a mask?Remember the old saying, “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you”?Why do you allow a tyrannical governor, who is only in power due to fraud & nepotism, tell you how …Read More »
  • Communism Stinks!

    Communism Stinks!

    Well here we are, caught in the middle of a Communist Coup looking to take over our great land by recruiting the dregs of society to be their useful idiots. Take over US cities? It’s totally not going to happen …Read More »
  • Now it’s getting good – #OBAMAGATE

    Now it’s getting good – #OBAMAGATE

    We anons saw this coming years ago and it’s about time! The flood has arrived and it seems the first big name, the one that will be heard around the World, has been heard. Thought I’d make a quick video …Read More »
  • Biden Marketing Campaign backfires gloriously!

    Biden Marketing Campaign backfires gloriously!

    The brilliant team behind Joe Biden's campaign for the Presidency decided it would be a good idea to create a meme machine for supporters to create their own memes backing the sleepy guy. As you can imagine, this was a …Read More »
  • Nukes… not Earthquakes – China Lake

    Nukes… not Earthquakes – China Lake

    Remember when those Earthquakes hit Ridgecrest, California in July last year? When I felt these quakes my ‘conspiracy nut’ alarms went off like crazy. Something was off about them, so I hit up the net and noticed immediately that the …Read More »
  • Hell in the Earth – No Rules Underground

    Hell in the Earth – No Rules Underground

    InTheMatrixxx & Shady were discussing the Underground Silent War and this part stuck out. I wanted to share it with everyone along with some images to get you thinking about what is going on directly below you. It is Hell …Read More »
  • Exploring the ORIT-B CODEX

    Exploring the ORIT-B CODEX

    I was so intrigued by the information contained within this codex that I decided to make this video series and make music for each episode to showcase these amazing thoughts. I released one episode at a time and now the …Read More »
  • Synapse Slide (Music Video)

    Synapse Slide (Music Video)

    For the finale of the series I wanted to make a music track that would incorporate all the elements from the previous songs and ramp up the energy as we close out this journey down the rabbit hole. This is …Read More »


    In this final episode of the ORIT-B CODEX readings series we will dive into Codex 4 and ask questions that lead us to an understanding that the solutions to all our issues is within our ability to learn and work …Read More »
  • Rabbit Hole Drone (Music Video)

    Rabbit Hole Drone (Music Video)

    This creepy song had the Brainpod droning very prominent in it because I wanted to capture the dread and emptiness of space along with the ideas presented in Orit-B Codex 1. Are human the apex predator on Earth? Are we …Read More »
  • Digital Rabbit Food (Music Video)

    Digital Rabbit Food (Music Video)

    Here is a music video version of Episode 3. This song is titled “Digital Rabbit Food” because we all sit in front of these screens eating up who knows what and it all very well could mold your ways of …Read More »
  • Temporal Truth Quest (Music Video)

    Temporal Truth Quest (Music Video)

    The Orit-B Codex posts are fun to make but with the text and the voice it can be hard to follow the music and visuals so I decided to strip those things out and make a music video version of …Read More »


    Are you biased? Do you hold on to beliefs you were taught and fail to question the World around you? Can you project outside yourself and see the grand design? The cranium cracking transmissions contained in the ORIT-B CODEX are …Read More »


    “You have to know the past, to understand the present.” -Carl Sagan Human history is scattered all about and we have fallen from grace hard in these modern times. The information war makes it difficult for the average person to …Read More »


    I dare you to Question the Narrative further with these carefully selected, thought-provoking transmissions from the ORIT-B CODEX part one in my most heavily edited video yet! I spent better portion of labor day weekend making the music track and …Read More »
  • ORIT-B CODEX Preface

    ORIT-B CODEX Preface

    The Great Awakening of mankind is upon us and with it comes disclosure of many things most thought was fantasy or science fiction. In truth we find that reality is far stranger than we thought and the things of dreams …Read More »
  • Listing of Independent Journalists, Researchers, & Truth Seekers

    Listing of Independent Journalists, Researchers, & Truth Seekers

    The list below is a small selection of my favorite YouTube channels of Independent Journalists, Researchers, & Truth Seekers. These amazing people do due diligent research, have great production values, and are an asset to the fight for truth and …Read More »
  • How to join the QAnon Digital Army of Keyboard Warriors for Truth.

    How to join the QAnon Digital Army of Keyboard Warriors for Truth.

    Question the Narrative: Part 2 – How to join the QAnon Digital Army of Keyboard Warriors for Truth DISCLAIMER: I know nothing for certain when it comes to all this madness we are uncovering for the world. I’m just a …Read More »
  • Social Media & Video Sharing Network Links

    Social Media & Video Sharing Network Links

    Hello friends, I highly suggest you head on over to my social media and video sharing network links page and check out the exciting new frontier of the internet, the blockchain! With the constant and ever-encroaching elitist censors come to …Read More »
  • Can you see the birds?

    Can you see the birds?

    I spent some time making music this week. This may be the new Question the Narrative song. Hope you like it! Can you see the Birds? The Great Awakening is here. Freedom Intensifies Wake Up Patriots! “Those who would give …Read More »
  • Question the Narrative: Part 1

    Question the Narrative: Part 1

    “I cannot stay quiet any longer. Our country has been under attack in so many subvert and ruthless ways and not enough of the general public seems to notice. People have lost their ways and just to cope with our …Read More »
  • New Year, New Networks.

    New Year, New Networks.

    Hello my friends and Happy New Year! 2018 was quite a year for the internet, everyone who uses it, and big tech who wants to control it all. The rampant amounts of censorship and account blocking/banning for what appears to …Read More »
  • Ditch Social Network Censorship.

    Ditch Social Network Censorship.

    In light of all the recent accounts and pages of independent media and entertainment being wiped from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks… I am suggesting everyone diversify their social media network exposure. These platforms are private companies so …Read More »
  • Moth 2018

    Moth 2018

    Was getting a kick out of all the moth memes showing up all of a sudden and decided to make my own out of Brick from Anchorman because I didn’t see one made yet. Silly internet! Please Like, Subscribe, & …Read More »
  • Conscious Codex Logo

    Conscious Codex Logo

    Conscious Codex segment content now has it’s own logo! This was a lot of fun to make and I will be making a bunch more new Conscious Codex artwork. Stay tuned! Please Like, Subscribe, & Comment if you like my …Read More »