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Brainpod Creative is where my creative works are displayed. I have always been drawn to music, art, and writing and will display those things here.

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  • Synapse Slide (Music Video)

    Synapse Slide (Music Video)

    For the finale of the series I wanted to make a music track that would incorporate all the elements from the previous songs and ramp up the energy as we close out this journey down the rabbit hole. This is …Read More »
  • Rabbit Hole Drone (Music Video)

    Rabbit Hole Drone (Music Video)

    This creepy song had the Brainpod droning very prominent in it because I wanted to capture the dread and emptiness of space along with the ideas presented in Orit-B Codex 1. Are human the apex predator on Earth? Are we …Read More »
  • Digital Rabbit Food (Music Video)

    Digital Rabbit Food (Music Video)

    Here is a music video version of Episode 3. This song is titled “Digital Rabbit Food” because we all sit in front of these screens eating up who knows what and it all very well could mold your ways of …Read More »
  • Temporal Truth Quest (Music Video)

    Temporal Truth Quest (Music Video)

    The Orit-B Codex posts are fun to make but with the text and the voice it can be hard to follow the music and visuals so I decided to strip those things out and make a music video version of …Read More »
  • Music – Medieval Cowboy

    Music – Medieval Cowboy

    This track is an epic “knight on a horse with a cowboy hat” track I made the other weekend and will be used in a video soon, I just wanted to get it out there for you all to hear …Read More »