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  • Can you see the birds?

    Can you see the birds?

    I spent some time making music this week. This may be the new Question the Narrative song. Hope you like it! Can you see the Birds? The Great Awakening is here. Freedom Intensifies Wake Up Patriots! “Those who would give …Read More »
  • Moth 2018

    Moth 2018

    Was getting a kick out of all the moth memes showing up all of a sudden and decided to make my own out of Brick from Anchorman because I didn’t see one made yet. Silly internet! Please Like, Subscribe, & …Read More »
  • Conscious Codex Logo

    Conscious Codex Logo

    Conscious Codex segment content now has it’s own logo! This was a lot of fun to make and I will be making a bunch more new Conscious Codex artwork. Stay tuned! Please Like, Subscribe, & Comment if you like my …Read More »
  • Happy Birthday America! Manifest the best!

    Happy Birthday America! Manifest the best!

    A very happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans! Let’s all stop with the silly infighting and slander of the president and opposing parties, other people’s sexual preferences, race, gender, religions, etc, and put all these stupid differences …Read More »
  • Brainpod Intro Theme

    Brainpod Intro Theme

    I am proud to introduce to you Brainpod’s Intro Theme! I made this theme song on my computer and had a lot of fun doing it! I wanted something techie and space-y with a fun vibe and I think I …Read More »