New Year, New Adventures!

Join me this coming year as we head out into the universe for some new adventures!Here’s to a prosperous, healthy, wealthy, & free World in 2021.Let’s have 2021 be full of happiness, health, wealth, & freedom for the World! Happy …

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No More Snakes!

“You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in…” Never again. It’s fun making Memes.-Brainpod————— End Transmission —————

Happy Thanksgiving Patriots!

Just wanted to wish all the brave, freedom-loving, American patriots who are fighting this war, digitally & physically to save our great Republic, a very Happy Thanksgiving & THANK YOU! Relax, Feast, be with family & friends, & remember what …

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Status: Peak Clown World

All these people celebrating are happy that a career criminal politician with 47 years of global big authoritarian government experience, no accomplishments, who enjoys inappropriately touching other people’s children in public, has a criminal money-laundering crackhead son, is completely bought-and-paid-for …

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Booms in Beirut

There was an extremely large explosion in Beirut, Lebanon & I wanted to document the event so I made this compilation of the footage I found. I believe this is a strike on what is a large weapons & human …

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