• Accidentally deleted some subscribers…

    Accidentally deleted some subscribers…

    Technical difficulties of doing all parts of a website and the graphics and making new content and keeping track of it all… yikes! I accidentally hit the wrong button when editing the site and deleted a bunch of my wonderful subscribers. So very sorry if I deleted you. Please link …Continue Transmission
  • Monocular Usage Manual

    Monocular Usage Manual

    I got a telescopic lens for my cell phone this Christmas and was so humored by the translated instructions I felt like making this video. Enjoy the unintended humor when Engrish funny. Please like, Subscribe, & Comment about what you liked in particular about this video, I’d love to hear …Continue Transmission
  • New Year, New Networks.

    New Year, New Networks.

    Hello my friends and Happy New Year! 2018 was quite a year for the internet, everyone who uses it, and big tech who wants to control it all. The rampant amounts of censorship and account blocking/banning for what appears to simply be difference of opinions is truly a disservice to …Continue Transmission

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