vLog Transmissions

  • Brainpod Transmissions #7 – Cruise & Chat vLog

    Brainpod Transmissions #7 – Cruise & Chat vLog

    In this vlog episode I am taking some lunch to my girl and discuss some various things while driving. Luckily my eyes have adjusted well to my new glasses and I see the road just fine! I touch on the …Read More »
  • IRL Twitch Broadcast #1 – Quick Chat

    IRL Twitch Broadcast #1 – Quick Chat

    Was messing around with my Streamlabs OBS software and setting up my stream on multiple platforms. For whatever reason DTube was not giving me my Stream Key when I asked for it so I decided to do a quick IRL …Read More »
  • New Phone!

    New Phone!

    Brainpod Transmission #6 – New Phone! ————————————— After a bit of a hiatus and far too many years with a Samsung Note 3, I am back with a fresh edit from random footage on my new Note 8! What a …Read More »
  • Wohlfahrt’s PSA

    Wohlfahrt’s PSA

    My channel was hijacked for a very special public service announcement. Please Like, Subscribe, & Comment if you like my content and would like to see more. Thank you all!  #steemit #wohlfahrt #publicserviceannoucement #brainpod www.BrainpodCreative.com Find me on Steemit: @brainpod ————————————— …Read More »
  • Brainpod Episode #1

    Brainpod Episode #1

    In my very first episode I finally get my transmission to get through and I introduce myself and my channel, describe planned segments, and explain a few goals I have with this new endeavor.Read More »