Brainfood Cookbook – Purple Turkey Chili

Purple Turkey, Om Nom Nom.

I spend a bunch of time in cyberspace stirring the pot… so I decided to take a break from that to get in the kitchen & stir an actual pot.
I’m not the greatest in the kitchen but I do enjoy creating my own meals from time to time.
This recipe is one I came up with when losing weight & it ended up being a favorite among my friends & family.
It requires very little ingredients, is super easy to make, & tastes damned delicious!

In today’s transmission we will discuss how to make this Purple Turkey Chili.

Video also available for viewing on GabTV, BitChute, Odysee, & YouTube.

This meal is easy to make and most of the ingredients store for a long time.
Here is a breakdown of the recipe.

Brainpod’s Purple Turkey Recipe & Instructions.

I like to make a batch of Basmati Rice while the chili cooks. I then put a little rice in the bowl, a cup of chili, some cheddar cheese, & a small amount of sour cream, and scoop the chili with tortilla chips. One, maybe two, bowls will get you nice and satisfyingly full.

If you give it a shot, let me know what you think.

God bless you, patriots!

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