No More Snakes!

“You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in…” Never again. It’s fun making Memes.-Brainpod————— End Transmission —————

Happy Thanksgiving Patriots!

Just wanted to wish all the brave, freedom-loving, American patriots who are fighting this war, digitally & physically to save our great Republic, a very Happy Thanksgiving & THANK YOU! Relax, Feast, be with family & friends, & remember what …

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Status: Peak Clown World

All these people celebrating are happy that a career criminal politician with 47 years of global big authoritarian government experience, no accomplishments, who enjoys inappropriately touching other people’s children in public, has a criminal money-laundering crackhead son, is completely bought-and-paid-for …

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Exploring the ORIT-B CODEX

I was so intrigued by the information contained within this codex that I decided to make this video series and make music for each episode to showcase these amazing thoughts. I released one episode at a time and now the …

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In this final episode of the ORIT-B CODEX readings series we will dive into Codex 4 and ask questions that lead us to an understanding that the solutions to all our issues is within our ability to learn and work …

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Are you biased? Do you hold on to beliefs you were taught and fail to question the World around you? Can you project outside yourself and see the grand design? The cranium cracking transmissions contained in the ORIT-B CODEX are …

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