Ditch Social Network Censorship.

In light of all the recent accounts and pages of independent media and entertainment being wiped from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks… I am suggesting everyone diversify their social media network exposure.

These platforms are private companies so they can remove and ban anything they want for any reason and no matter how much we want to cry and scream about it, it won’t change unless they become a public utilities, which also won’t happen anytime soon or ever. So now we must go to other places, namely the actual websites of these banned accounts (remember other web pages besides Facebook?) to get the information we used to enjoy from these content creators.

We need to have more options over the big mainstream online networks to get our information from because having it all spoon-fed to you by “Facespace” and “YouTooby” will only lead to your mind being controlled by them and their biased ways. Can it get any more obvious to you that they have an alternate agenda? If they really wanted the world to be so connected we wouldn’t be having bans on different ideas that go beyond the narrative they want you to see.

This is some serious BS and any social network that censors people now from what was once a place full of different ideas and opinions is now a horrible place to be. Short of making your own blog site, here are a few alternate social media site options that won’t censor you.

Steemit.com : Steemit is an awesome social network built upon the STEEM cryptocurrency blockchain. It is uncensored and monetized. You may actually be viewing this post on it!

Busy.org : Busy is another interface to the STEEM blockchain social network but has a look more similar to other networks. It’s clean and easy to use.

D.Tube : D-Tube is a great YouTube replacement and it is also part of the STEEM blockchain social network.

DLive : Dlive was originally a live streaming service on the STEEM blockchain, but has since moved to the lino blockchain. Same concept here, uncensored and monetized.

Bitchute : I recently found Bitchute and haven’t browsed much, but the promise of being uncensored and regulated is nice and the whole point of this list! Check it out.

Mewe : Claiming to be the Next Gen Social Network, I’ve yet to spend much time here, but I shall be checking on it more.

Isegoria : Isegoria [i-sē-gor-í-a] noun; from the ancient Greek meaning “Equality of all in freedom of speech”. Looking forward to this one, they are taking signups now.

That’s all I got for now. I hope you all make the move to diversify your social media space and obtain your news from more than just the television and the leading mainstream news sources. I truly think that this is all politically motivated and these large social media spaces have now shown they are obviously biased and working to mess with everyone’s heads.

Censorship should not exist in this free society. Break free from singular sources and be varied in your research, it’s the only way we can keep our minds thinking free.

Thank you, much love to all!

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