Don’t be a sheep.

Are you an American?
Why are you still wearing a mask?
Remember the old saying, “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you”?
Why do you allow a tyrannical governor, who is only in power due to fraud & nepotism, tell you how to live your life?
Have you looked over all the data regarding mask use?
Have you become dizzy after wearing a mask?
You realize to stop a virus you need an actual gas mask that covers your eyes too… right?
Fear is how [they] keep the sheep in line.
All of life has an element of risk to it & it is no one’s job to make sure other people cover their faces.
My freedoms do not end where your fear begins.
This is creating a divide in humanity & stripping away all that so many have died fighting to keep.
How did Americans become so weak & frightened?
How brainwashed do you have to be to wear a mask that restricts your oxygen intake while holding up a sign stating “I can’t breathe”?
Since when did we let tyrants dictate how we can live our lives?!
WAKE UP AMERICA… you are being manipulated by criminals.
Take the mask off, stand up for your rights… don’t be a sheep.

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God bless you Patriots, long live the Republic.

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