New Year, New Networks.

Hello my friends and Happy New Year!

2018 was quite a year for the internet, everyone who uses it, and big tech who wants to control it all. The rampant amounts of censorship and account blocking/banning for what appears to simply be difference of opinions is truly a disservice to what the internet itself is supposed to be. Therefore, I have made a strong effort to seek new social spaces within the internet I can dive deep into while I seek the secrets of the universe without someone deciding what I can or cannot be shown. This video gives a quick breakdown of some new social networks I will be active on going forward.

I’ve linked to my own profiles on the social networks mentioned in this video below. Link up!

Well that’s it for alternative networks. Each of these has it’s own merits and I can see censorship fading away and freedom of speech winning the internet. Thank God for that, things were getting pretty scary for a moment. I of course will remain active on my website here and these 3 major networks.

Happy New Year my fellow humans!

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Much love! 🙂


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“Transmissions of the Conscious Codex from a Tacticool Wizard”

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