Nukes… not Earthquakes – China Lake

Remember when those Earthquakes hit Ridgecrest, California in July last year? When I felt these quakes my ‘conspiracy nut’ alarms went off like crazy. Something was off about them, so I hit up the net and noticed immediately that the epicenter was at China Lake. When I heard this podcast with Gene Decode talking about the military operations that had taken place, my theory was confirmed and I thought I’d make this quick video. KABOOM! We anons have known what’s going on for while now and to see it play out real-time is amazing. The Silent War continues..

Underneath our feet there lies unspeakable evil. They take our children & breed their own mutations in underground mad labs and demonic ritual temples.

Eradicate these otherworldly demons and save the children!

Dark to Light.

God bless you Patriots, long live the Republic.

#TheGreatAwakening #QAnon #UndergroundWar #SaveTheChildren #PatriotsAwakened

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