I dare you to Question the Narrative further with these carefully selected, thought-provoking transmissions from the ORIT-B CODEX part one in my most heavily edited video yet! I spent better portion of labor day weekend making the music track and going nuts on the editing of this video and am very pleased, to say the least, with the results. I threw out the idea of doing a voice over reading of the text in favor of pumping the music louder… so go ahead and stick those headphones in, crank the volume up, crack your mind open, and read these perspective shifting thought nuggets!

The disclosures keep leading us deeper and deeper down the Rabbit Hole and the more we connect the past to the future, fantasy to Sci-Fi, fiction and non-fiction the clearer the big picture becomes.

Dark to Light. We are not alone.

Music Video Version: Here

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Writings from Deep State Mapping Project.

“A Critical Thinking Gray Space.”


————————- End Transmission


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