“You have to know the past, to understand the present.” -Carl Sagan

Human history is scattered all about and we have fallen from grace hard in these modern times. The information war makes it difficult for the average person to be truthfully informed as the controlled lying media companies spew forth their stories for the masses to blindly believe. They are controlling everyone from behind the curtain with the upper elite from all parts of society helping them do it, willingly or not. We all must awaken to the clear cut battle between the forces of good and evil that rage all around us.

In Codex 2 we will check out these historically-relevant, brain melting & vibration raising, fantastical ORIT-B CODEX posts that give us a peek into the Galactic Temporal Q Narrative from way back when…

A bloodless revolution truly is a very beautiful thing.

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Writings from Deep State Mapping Project.

“A Critical Thinking Gray Space.”


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