The Great Awakening of mankind is upon us and with it comes disclosure of many things most thought was fantasy or science fiction. In truth we find that reality is far stranger than we thought and the things of dreams may actually be real.

The Q movement has been extremely exciting (and disturbing) and has opened many eyes to the corruption in our world and the dire need to destroy it before it destroys us. Disclosure will come to humanity in many forms so one has to have the eyes to see beyond the veil and awaken. Dylan Louis Monroe is one of those who sees beyond.

He is the person behind the Deep State Mapping Project and creator of the Q Web, an amazing single piece of paper web of knowledge that can lead one further down the rabbit hole than once thought possible.

Now, there is another great tool to help oneself decipher this reality and awaken called the ORIT-B CODEX.

Received by Dylan and documented through an automatic writing process, the ORIT-B CODEX is an amazing continuation of the Q saga and will help guide your mind through the maze of lies around us to the truth of this World.

I am going to pick and read from the many posts in the ORIT-B CODEX and make some videos as I seek the answers to the questions it poses. This video is the Preface of the transmission and first of this new series.

I hope you’ll join me down the rabbit hole.

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Writing transmitted by Deep State Mapping Project.

“A Critical Thinking Gray Space.”


————————- End Transmission


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