Out of Gas?

As I lay here I wonder what will become,
Of this thing we’ve begun, this song being sung.

It taps right into my soul and completes the me…
Who sees the you as a whole, my one to love true.

When you can’t speak I rely on your eyes,
To tell me what you cannot express.

But they’re hidden ‘cause you turn your face.

Your sight is not to me and your posture will confess,
How you’re tired of me, I’ve fallen from your grace.

You shudder from the touch,
That just a moment ago meant so much.

And the warmth of loving energies,
Sends you backing away from me.

I can’t connect when the gate is locked,
Every attempt blocked by emotional security.

The bliss once felt will never be forgot,
Loving moments locked in eternity.

If giving myself to you is such a mistake,
Have all those feelings been completely fake?

I won’t believe that, I know how I feel.
I’m scared of you leaving without putting up a fight.

It takes work when its something this real,
something this right.

I know its scary at this speed,
So I’m going to squeeze the brake just a little bit.

I’ll slow down for me but if wanted I’ll stop for you,
Then we could just sit there together.

Or you can get out if that’s what you need.

I’ll circle the block then just a little while,
Should bad become the weather.

And should you decide you indeed want a ride with me,
Hop in and we’ll drive off together,
Maybe with enough gas,
we’ll carry on forever.

#writing #poetry #love


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