Website Login

I am still working on getting website login capabilities at working so viewers can login with Facebook, Google, WordPress, or STEEM and comment, like or share directly from the site. It’s not a required service but I would like …

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Brainpod Episode #1

In my very first episode I finally get my transmission to get through and I introduce myself and my channel, describe planned segments, and explain a few goals I have with this new endeavor.

Hello Brain.

Hello there Brain, what’s is the deal? Is it time for a snack or a full on meal? Play a game of dominoes, darts, or cards? Watch a video or go stare at the stars? Or is it time to …

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Out of Gas?

As I lay here I wonder what will become, Of this thing we’ve begun, this song being sung. It taps right into my soul and completes the me… Who sees the you as a whole, my one to love true. …

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Drifting away from a beacon of light, the sky seems so dark out this far. Two weeks afloat in this turbulent uncertain sea, Yet light remains in the form of a star. Guiding and calling out to me, To go …

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Website Updates

Been making some modifications to my website and having a good time learning more Wordpress. It really is an amazing platform and this post also serves as a test for a new plugin I’m trying. It should post to my …

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