A friend on Fascistbook was being fearful & stuck in the mask narrative. I wrote this out this reply & decided to share it here.

A. I have a brain and can think for myself beyond propaganda. It’s called having a critical mind & I spend much of my free time researching. I crave learning the truth of this reality. Knowledge is power & science is NEVER SETTLED. That idea goes completely against what science is. I am also not afraid. Do you enjoy living in fear?

B. Actual Doctors and Scientists are speaking up about this and are instantly censored. These are people who have practiced medicine for decades, who’ve healed the sick and saved lives, and they are having their voices censored! Do you ask yourself why? Listen to the doctors they say, and then they censor the doctors. Seriously… how do you ignore that? Why do you not listen to the doctors & scientists?

C. The medication (HCQ) that shows promise and has been used successfully for decades for multiple ailments is being censored and demonized. Do you ask yourself why? Who wants to keep the cure from us? Could it be those with billions invested in the vaccine? These are the people that hate DJT for exposing their crimes against humanity & destroying their profits. These are the same criminals who have been in power for decades in both politics & industry. They had the US in a choke-hold and when DJT became president, they lost their power over our great Country. They were unable to destroy this Country, which is what the plan was. VC19 was their insurance plan to avoid prosecution & take back power if they lost the Presidency.

D. Other pandemics killed many more people and we did not shut the whole world down. Do you ever ask yourself why the whole world would be shut down over 160K deaths? Seriously… where is the disconnect here? It’s a blatant attempt to CONTROL US by the bought-and-paid-for-by-China Dems. Nothing less, nothing more. It’s sad how complicit & ignorant people are. Once you understand how the World operates on a Global scale then it makes sense. There is a huge transfer of power happening right now. Did you know there is a new King of England? Why would that be significant?

E. Doctors have been instructed to fill out EVERY DEATH as Covid to pad the numbers. There is plenty of proof of this… it takes 2 minutes to find it. Dying WITH covid and dying FROM covid are 2 different things. Do you ever ask yourself why they would want BIGGER NUMBERS?! FEAR to control you with. They TOLD you one thing… when the other is the cause. [They] are the deceivers.

F. The Gates Foundation ran a large meeting for medicine, media, & tech leaders called Event 201 mere months before CV hit that described this EXACT scenario we are in. In Do you ever wonder why viruses are patented? You cannot patent something unless you’ve CREATED it. The same people creating these diseases are the ones making the vaccines. Billions of dollars from eugenicist Bill Gates has gone into this hoax. Fauci & Gates are related, they’re both Rockefellers. NWO & WHO are not our friends.

G. In 2010 the Rockefeller foundation had a meeting and a document distributed described the EXACT scenario we are currently living through. It describes a virus, a lock-down, and the corporations moving in ‘lockstep’ towards the World dominating goal of the NWO. Have you noticed how all the big companies parrot off the same talking points all the time? Do you ever wonder how or why this is?

H. If you research history you will find that masking the people is a shame tactic employed by authoritarians. It’s the same damn communist agenda rearing it’s ugly head once again. This is psychological warfare at it’s finest. Fear instilled in the populace along with a virtuous rage over masking their peers that causes division between the people thus making them easier to destroy.

I. ANTIFA is the militant wing of the democratic party. The democratic party is owned by China. China is controlled by the CCP. The CCP was created by the Bolsheviks. Marxism is evil. Communism is the Devils government. Hitler’s ‘ANTIFA’ was the brownshirts. Fully funded by George Soros, who is a nazi. Do your research.

J. BLM is another Marxist organization that is utilizing the bleeding heart useful idiots with no love or lives to further their goal of destabilizing the USA. It gives the misled youth something to do. The leaders of this organization have openly declared war on America. The enemy is within the gates.
K. We are currently experiencing the second American revolution.

I enjoy researching conspiracies, technologies, religions, US history, World history, & military history very much and have probably learned more about it than you can imagine. So it doesn’t matter that I am not a scientist, (even though I know a bunch about science as well, but let’s assume I don’t I guess) I know what is going on right now.
How many months will you BE TOLD how to live your life?!
I’m a free-thinker and that is what we all need to be right now.
Do not trust any 1 source and know that history is once again repeating itself.
Do the due diligent research and see beyond the veil.
There are evil & good forces at work visibly all around us on a scale never witnessed before and there is very deep occult reason behind the masks.
My freedoms do not end where your fear begins.
Life is risk.
I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.
Question the narrative.
Please wake up.

That’s all for today.
God bless you patriots, long live the Republic.

#TheGreatAwakening #QAnon #Covid-19 #Hoax
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