Status: Peak Clown World

All these people celebrating are happy that a career criminal politician with 47 years of global big authoritarian government experience, no accomplishments, who enjoys inappropriately touching other people’s children in public, has a criminal money-laundering crackhead son, is completely bought-and-paid-for by China, is blatantly racist, cannot get through a sentence & rarely knows where he is, with more votes than Obama had through OBVIOUS fraudulent means, just got announced as the next President by a criminal media syndicate that has no authority to say so.

This is letting everyone see everyone else’s true colors, and it’s a really shitty plaid.

I never imagined so many Americans were so demoralized they would cheer away the last shred of freedoms they had as a bloody second civil war looms on the horizon.

We the People, American Patriots, will not let these Communists steal our election & Country!
We are at peak clown World status right now.

Stay prepared, stay safe.
God bless you patriots, long live the Republic.

#Election2020 #Fraud #StopTheFraud #SilentWar
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