Website Login

I am still working on getting website login capabilities at working so viewers can login with Facebook, Google, WordPress, or STEEM and comment, like or share directly from the site. It’s not a required service but I would like to get a community formed here of open-minded, fun, smart gamers to game with while having deep discussions! Signing up would also notify you of new posts and grant you access to the Discord when it’s all configured to partake in the festivities!

I would also like to have some guest authors who want to write about the subjects within and get the Brainpod pulsing with talent. If you like the subjects I talk about and want to contribute, feel free to drop me a line.

That’s it for right now, just wanted to quickly let you all know about that login issue. It shall be sorted… as we cruise along here…

Together let’s make the STEEM Blockchain stronger!


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