I’ve always been an artist and would drawn non-stop all the time. When computers came about I slowed down with the pencil and picked up a mouse. This section displays all the art related posts.

All Art Transmissions

  • Moth 2018

    Moth 2018

    Was getting a kick out of all the moth memes showing up all of a sudden and decided to make my own out of Brick from Anchorman because I didn’t see one made yet. Silly internet! Please Like, Subscribe, & …Read More »
  • Conscious Codex Logo

    Conscious Codex Logo

    Conscious Codex segment content now has it’s own logo! This was a lot of fun to make and I will be making a bunch more new Conscious Codex artwork. Stay tuned! Please Like, Subscribe, & Comment if you like my …Read More »
  • A gift for my founding father.

    A gift for my founding father.

    My Dad is a very patriotic guy, so this Father’s Day I made this image to show my founding father how great I think he is. My picture was in a matted 4″x 6″ picture frame with 3 other pictures …Read More »