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I have always liked creative writing and reading has been a passion of mine forever. In this section you will find poetry, some short stories and creative writing, and general articles with no defined subject.

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  • Happy Birthday America! Manifest the best!

    Happy Birthday America! Manifest the best!

    A very happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans! Let’s all stop with the silly infighting and slander of the president and opposing parties, other people’s sexual preferences, race, gender, religions, etc, and put all these stupid differences …Read More »
  • Hello Brain.

    Hello Brain.

    Hello there Brain, what’s is the deal? Is it time for a snack or a full on meal? Play a game of dominoes, darts, or cards? Watch a video or go stare at the stars? Or is it time to …Read More »
  • Out of Gas?

    Out of Gas?

    As I lay here I wonder what will become, Of this thing we’ve begun, this song being sung. It taps right into my soul and completes the me… Who sees the you as a whole, my one to love true. …Read More »
  • Beacon


    Drifting away from a beacon of light, the sky seems so dark out this far. Two weeks afloat in this turbulent uncertain sea, Yet light remains in the form of a star. Guiding and calling out to me, To go …Read More »